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 From the dawn of my first cycle, fifteen years ago I have experienced the worst of menstrual symptoms. Initially I thought my plight was normal and that everyone suffered excessive vomiting (I would throw up until my body could only bring up eject it's own fluids), crippling aches in legs, hips and back. Not to mention the most volatile of abdominal cramps. As if this wasn't already a nightmare, imagine my astonishment upon finding out that my suffering wasn't that of a typical period. Depressing, to say the least. Since those days, I've adopted a caffeine-free, meat-free and low dairy diet. It's helped but I find that the Golden Flourish Moon Tea has brought me to another level. I experience lessened nausea, minimal cramps, rarely puke and most of all I'm no longer trapped in a debilitated state in bed. The taste is great, herbal with a delicate sweetness. The ingredients are well selected for it's purpose. AND ALL NATURAL. No mysterious fillers and micro wood chips here. All in all, a great buy and a product you can rely on. - Moon tea drinker

Speaking with Racheal allowed me to see my life in different compartments and begin to fill more spaces that led to ME being fulfilled. She's so patient, and kind, she really allows the process to flow so you can feel your story unfold as you answer. Uncovering the root of your anxieties, things start to unravel and solutions become clearer. Thank you so much for sharing your gift of truth-seeking, holistic health with the world. - Coaching Client

Working with Racheal has been nothing but bliss! She's worked with me to make my house a home, further my career path, and just made manifestation so much easier for me. She's helped me discover the root of my depression and anxiety and helped me find healthy coping mechanisms whenever those feelings ever resurface.I'm so thankful I found Racheal. - Coaching Client

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