My First Reiki Visit

Being that I'm in the Wellness field I have heard of Reiki pop up quite a bit and was curious. I did some research and read the different posts that would show up on my feeds and I was intrigued. The first time I actually was going to dip my feet into the Reiki waters was with a mentor, but it was just not ethical for me to get it done when she was all the way in Atlanta. I searched around and found another person, this time located in New York, so I was super excited. Now I'm the type of person that does a lot of research before I do something, and the person seemed legit and like they were able to hold my hand with the Reiki process. Last minute I chickened out, but it's because I take my aura seriously. I was just not sure, and we gotta trust our intuition, especially when it comes to protecting our energy. 

For months later I held out and was peeping out some wellness spaces that did Reiki, trusting that the Universe would connect me with the best space. Still couldn't really feel the right connection to those wellness spaces, then of course Mama UniLove blessed me with a dope wellness space that was in an area I was familiar with. I still took it with some caution because again gotta protect my energy. My intentions are to make 2017 the FLOURISH year, so I was happy to finally make my first appointment, again choosing my practitioner with precision. Wanted to make sure I felt confident in the person that would be holding the space for my energy and sharing there energy with me. When I tell you Reiki is some serious energy work. 

I can't wait to tell you all about the first session I had and about the amazing space!! Give me some time while I am working through all the amazingness that I experienced. 

Flourish Moment: Trust your intuition and know that you will be connected with the right healers. healing and healing spaces at the right time. It's all about the energy!



Going through life we might see those who take care of us, looking at them in great admiration. We think to ourselves, they must be the modern day super hero. They are the one who does everything with grace but still holding down everything that they need to be taken care of. The admiration we have for them gives us the false hope that they are immortal, because great people must have this capability. We grow up and we realize that the super hero is no longer there to save us. The hero we once looked at with so much admiration, love and hope; has gone on. They have left us to conquer the world knowing that the greatness they have left within us can last us many lifetimes. Out of fear we are saddened, not realizing that the hero has gone on to be the very angel that is guiding us. Still there to hold our hand, but now admiring the greatness we have achieved to make them proud. Remember that our super hero ’s become angels and they will forever live within us, guiding us to wherever it is we desire to go. Never stop admiring your super hero, because they are admiring you at this very moment. Thank you Angel! 

Flourish Moment: Appreciate your Angels; on Earth or in the Spirit Realm

Energy Flow

I experienced some growing pains, which I think most people my age might experience. In the midst of this change I would consider where it was that my life would take me. I wondered of the journey and how I could get to where I wanted. Often times, I wanted to be in control but have to remind myself that I am not entirely the soul traveler. I am surrounded by my angels that have moved on, and by the higher power, God, Universe, etc., that has been guiding me thus far. It isn't always easy to do this and must admit that I have struggled, fallen and gotten back up again. 

As I write this I have feelings in the direction of what feels like I am falling. I have learned that this is only my fear that is holding me back. I think, how could I live the life I desire with fear weighing me down. How can I remove fear from a place that it as been instilled into me for so long. Stories we tell ourselves that have been passed down from many generations before us, knowing they are what hold us back, but still hold onto.

There will be days of Yin and days of Yang know this, but accept that your journey has already been written. You must free yourselves from the weights that limit your flight to the next level of your life. I can accept that this is better said than done, we are all art; a work in process. Sooner than we think we will be magnificent poetry, muse, paintings, sculpture, and the likes. Though, we are these very art beings, we will often change form. We are living art!

Flourish Moment: Be guided by the Universe and allow UniLove to guide you.