Wellness for the Millennial Woman.

I help Millennial women start and maintain holistic wellness habits and routines so that they experience health, wholeness, and deeper happiness.

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Golden Flourish is your holistic wellness community of support for Caribbean growth, the wellbeing of the collective and future generations.

I believe in well-being that fits your lifestyle not the other stuff (a.k.a one size fits all). Wellness should be exactly what you need, in each part of your life journey.

I grew up in a Caribbean household, where there was a lot of care for others and minimal self care. I wanted to shift that for future generations, by working with millennial women of the Caribbean Diaspora.

I look forward to helping you start and maintain your self care habits and routines.

ready to Start or Maintain a Self care routine? I can help you.

How I can support you…

I’ll help you create a wellness routine that makes you feel good. No pressure, just support and listening to what you need. You'll always feel like you got a dope support system biggin' you up in the background.


Get back into yoga

Set time for meditation

Gain clarity in your goals

Achieve your goals

Get some relaxation


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