Here are my 4 Favorite and Useful Wellbeing Apps

Let's face it we use our phones for just about everything nowadays, and you're probably even reading this on your phone right now. We are working to put our phones down and just be in the moment. While we still have our phones in hand why not make good use of it to bring back balance. We can do this with these 4 apps(and so many others):

Yoga Studio: Another on the go app, which provides you some great yoga practice. This app is super helpful for the days I can't get to a studio or just don't want to leave home, but want to practice. Lately, I have been just free flowing in my practice, but Yoga Studio helps me piece together a practice I want to teach or practice in my own body. 

Calm app: When I'm on the go it is quick and easy to do a quick or not so quick meditation. I can incorporate serene sounds or just silence. It truly gives you a sense of calm throughout your day. It is also a really dope app for children to meditate with, all the children I have meditated with loved it; they have super short meditations for their active minds and you can opt for the guided meditation to keep them zen'd out during the session.

Nike+ Training ClubYour workout app that will get you moving for those days you don't get to a gym. It's giving you no excuses to get your body and mind right. It provides you any type of workout to fit your needs and abilities. There's even workout plans that you can follow based on your goals. 

TideA focusing app I saw my girl Narsha of talking about recently and I just had to try it myself. It is quite helpful as I am using it at this very moment to keep me focused and at peace. It is an app that lets you give yourself allotted time to focus and to break. It is both a reminder to stay focused and to give yourself a break. We all need it. 

Racheal D