Why is Adulting so hard and how to navigate it better

As a child you are often a mix of excitement and curiosity about how life will be when you’re a grown up. You’d often say things like “when I grow up” ,“ I can’t wait to grow up so…”, etc. You might have even dressed up in your parents clothes and shoes; you wanted to fill those shoes so bad. What you didn’t realize was that being a child was so much more simpler, carefree, and stress free. You’d gear up each morning for school, which felt like the worst of your issue (which is why you just could not wait to grow up so you didn’t have to go anymore). When you would get to school you’d have a grand ole time because you were happy to see your friends, and vice versa. You took naps and/or played depending on what grade you were in. Life was sweet! 

You’re now a teenager and things only have gotten intense, a changing and developing body, fights with your friends that ended. They weren’t the “I don’t want to be your friend anymore” then make up in a couple minutes as they were in preschool or elementary school. You discover your self esteem and might even base how you look on the magazines or the things you see on television, your exploring the world, still not sure of what you are actually being prepared for.

It has been instilled in you as a teen that you should go to college and become a doctor, lawyer, teacher, you know all the other careers. You need to become one of those, so you can get a good job and make money. Fast forward to your late teens and into your 20s; you attend college for a major that you may enjoy, but 9 times out of 10 you don’t. The days you once dreamed of wanting to be a grown up now replay in your head. You wish that you had wished to stay a child. You think about how life was so much easier, and what do anything to go back to the amount of carefreeness you once had, and most of all had the ability to go back to the elementary school years.

The things they didn’t tell you where that it was good to be a child, there should be no rush to be a grownup. What our parents often made look pretty damn easy, was not and is not easy. We will keep falling and bumping our heads along the way, but that is apart of life. Don’t go to college simply because society says so, and you want to make all this “money”.  You don’t always actually get a job in that field anyway. 

Flourish Moment: Keep your youth alive, and grow everyday. 

Racheal DComment