How I learned to actually surrender to my Spiritual Guides and Angels



Going through life we might see those who take care of us, looking at them in great admiration. We think to ourselves, they must be the modern day super hero. They are the one who does everything with grace but still holding down everything that they need to be taken care of. The admiration we have for them gives us the false hope that they are immortal, because great people must have this capability. We grow up and we realize that the super hero is no longer there to save us. The hero we once looked at with so much admiration, love and hope; has gone on. They have left us to conquer the world knowing that the greatness they have left within us can last us many lifetimes. Out of fear we are saddened, not realizing that the hero has gone on to be the very angel that is guiding us. Still there to hold our hand, but now admiring the greatness we have achieved to make them proud. Remember that our super hero ’s become angels and they will forever live within us, guiding us to wherever it is we desire to go. Never stop admiring your super hero, because they are admiring you at this very moment. Thank you Angel! 

Flourish Moment: Appreciate your Angels; on Earth or in the Spirit Realm

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