Why Health and Wellness coaching can help you fulfill goals

You have probably seen Health Coaching pop up on some feed or in conversation and have been wondering exactly what it is. You might have an idea but still not finding it’s relevance for you at the specific timing that you had received it. 

Holistic Health Coaching, Health and Wellness Coaching, or Life Coaching as you may have seen it is may be different depending on the coach providing the services, but in all actuality is a way to have some accountability within your goals. It is also a way to get clear on what ever it is that you have been meaning to do for yourself; it might be what you couldn't figure out it was that you needed to be your best self. It might mean that you want to go to the gym more, eat healthier, or navigate your life. 

Recognizing all of this I have decided that working as a coach to me is so much more than just health and life coaching. It is Wellness Coaching; you being the center of your wellness and the various things, people, places, etc. that make you well. Wellness Coaching with Golden Flourish is navigating you and what feels good for your best self. It is about pin pointing every aspect of what makes you happy and vibrant. Waking up every morning excited to live in whatever it is that you are passionate about. It is being happy with how you eat and workout; how you live life, according to no one else but you. 

I knew that I wanted Wellness coaching to be as organic as possible for anyone that decides to work with me. I have chosen not to define things for my clients, but allow them to be in control with me coaching them along and providing the support that they need. 

Wellness Coaching is YOU surrounded by the very things that add to your Golden Glow. Let’s Flourish together. 


Flourish Moment: Be your best Self! Take a deeper look into what it is that you require for optimal wellness. Invest in you. 

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Racheal D