How to become one with nature and appreciate what it provides

Lately, I have been finding myself to be more intune with Mother Nature and all that she has been offering. From a young age I was exposed to nature through, camping trips, trips to the park, or traveling to different parts of the world. I never really noticed how beautiful and AMAZING that nature and this Earth was. I simply lived here and that was that; part of this might have come from me as a native of the Concrete Jungle, or my lack of knowledge.

Getting older I begun to enjoy my times of solitude and had urges to share that time with nature.

There was so much more to experience in nature than I knew. There was the trees sweet whispers, the birds singing to us amongst themselves, or whatever body of water near lulling us to a calm, the wind sharing in all of it’s bliss, chatting with them all. Let’s not forget the sun shining beautifully, warming our skin and providing it glow. The sky adorned by clouds moving peacefully or not. The bought’s of rain clouds that formed as the earth wanted to replenish its nourishment along with our souls; the insects which contributed to this ever growing and evoking cycle of life. Nature for me has been embracing me all along but I had not noticed how much it loved me. 

I never was the one who enjoyed messing about in mud or puddles, as I was taught that I would get some sort of sickness. Today I still struggle with some of that, as I am truly fearful of getting ringworm, or some other sort of bacteria. I am taking my time and reintroducing the Mother back into my life. Little by little I am learning of what the Earth has been offering me and seeing that every bit of her is healing. 

Journey with me as I nestle back into the arms of sweet Mother Earth.

Flourish Moment: Mother Nature has been providing us with healing for ever!! We should be thankful for what she has to offer us, whether it be nourishment for our bodies or our souls.

Racheal DComment