Appreciating the flow of energy in your life

I experienced some growing pains, which I think most people my age might experience. In the midst of this change I would consider where it was that my life would take me. I wondered of the journey and how I could get to where I wanted. Often times, I wanted to be in control but have to remind myself that I am not entirely the soul traveler. I am surrounded by my angels that have moved on, and by the higher power, God, Universe, etc., that has been guiding me thus far. It isn't always easy to do this and must admit that I have struggled, fallen and gotten back up again. 

As I write this I have feelings in the direction of what feels like I am falling. I have learned that this is only my fear that is holding me back. I think, how could I live the life I desire with fear weighing me down. How can I remove fear from a place that it as been instilled into me for so long. Stories we tell ourselves that have been passed down from many generations before us, knowing they are what hold us back, but still hold onto.

There will be days of Yin and days of Yang know this, but accept that your journey has already been written. You must free yourselves from the weights that limit your flight to the next level of your life. I can accept that this is better said than done, we are all art; a work in process. Sooner than we think we will be magnificent poetry, muse, paintings, sculpture, and the likes. Though, we are these very art beings, we will often change form. We are living art!

Flourish Moment: Be guided by the Universe and allow UniLove to guide you. 

Racheal DComment