What is Reiki? And how can it help you

So I have been to a couple Reiki session within the pass 6 months, in which I have been pairing with Flower Essence sessions. I have seen many people speak about the benefits they have received with doing this work and was like what the heck. Why not try to get rid of this old stagnant energy. In all honesty, I have been working on myself for the past 4 years, so trying this would only help me along in the process. 

When I first started Reiki I had no idea what I would experience, but I can say the energy is for real. I would feel sensations throughout my body as I laid in a meditative state, sometimes I have thoughts, sometimes I don't. I can say that with the help of Reiki I have been able to have some clearer thoughts and connections to my path or what doesn't belong. 

These session have helped me really find a space to be in complete meditation paired with listening ears and space for me to reflect into my journey. I would recommend anyone try Reiki, but don't go expecting the same results; alll our processes are different. 

Flourish Moment: Meditate More

Racheal D