Rooting: How to stay grounded when you're feeling unbalanced

In April of this month I completed my Yoga Teacher Training, which was 4 months of amazing transformation; transformation which I never knew would happen in a yoga training. After all I thought that I would just learn how to do yoga poses(asana) and how to teach them. Around my second week into the training I experienced some crazy pains in my sacrum. it was the most excruciating experiences I have ever had. I had no idea where it had stemmed from and set out to understand and listen to my body.  

Between the training, healing energy work and my observation around the pains I was experiencing, it was mostly stemmed from activities of doing chakra work. Through more exploration it was then it was confirmed that my root chakra truly needed some work. i knew I needed to heal my root chakra but, damn it hit me like a ton of bricks. This time I couldn't just pass my amazing root chakra by with the healing that it deserved and needed. 

Once the pain subsided, I focused on toning my back muscles and most of all healing my dear old root chakra. My root chakra was simply the root of everything that I am and in order to truly blossom I had to nurture my roots. I did this by dedicating more time to my yoga practice, always remembering to listen to my body. I also had been doing my Reiki session, along with flower essence, and digging deeper into myself to uncover my root and unravel them. 

This ish took some work and boy was it painful, but I am happy to say I have gotten better. My Reiki practitioner noticed improvement in my root chakra, I am feeling less pain, and I feel so much more rooted. I have also been using music, and Meditation Mixtape by Shelah Marie, Bloomsville and Love, Light and that Good Sh*t by ItstracyG. When I tell you they all have come through for me during my healing process. 

Flourish Moment: Be Rooted, Blossom. Listen to your body! and remind yourself; "I know there is always rooting, before blossoming". 


Racheal D