You need to know what balance really looks like in wellness…

I began exploring wellness as a way to first help myself get better at living in what I felt like was "balance". Not knowing that the "balance" that I was seeking was not true balance but what the societal wellness has painted as balance. I believed that I had to be vegan and live life in this perfect bubble of exercise, yoga, meditation, and positive thoughts all day everyday. As I continued to journey I began to see that the balance that I was seeking was not my own but that of society. I slowly realized that life is only balanced through the negatives, roadblocks, yang energy and feeling like shit is not so balanced at all. 

These days I am left to face my ideas of balance and what that looks like for me. I utilize the soft whispers of my ancestors and the beat of my heart leading me wherever it is needing to be nurtured and fed. I listen to my body and what she desires, what she wants to eat and what feels good for her.  Sure this doesn't feel easy but it damn sure feels like I am living more in balance, neither black nor white. I am living within the yin and yang, my light, my darkness. 

So this is is a reminder that you too can create your own balance. You can decide what your wellness looks like, you can decide if you are just taking a break from it for one day, well because life. Now I am not saying create excuses for yourself to not live in wellness; I am saying you have the choice to craft your vision of wellness. 

If you ever need some assistance figuring this out I am here to support you. Reach out let me know what I can help you with. 

 What does your wellness look like?

Racheal D