In Caribbean Wellness Series: Christie aka Chink Sol

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My interaction with the person…

Where are you located?

I’m located in Washington, D.C.

What country you reppin’?

I’m reppin’ Jamaica

Now let’s get into more details on how your culture inspires you.

What inspires you most about your Caribbean Culture? *

The Culture itself , but the most Inspiring is the Hustle of the everyday people

How do you feel wellness is approached when it comes to your Caribbean background? *

Honestly I don’t think Wellness is approached

What are some things you wish to see different as it pertains to wellness/self care for your cultural background? *

More generational cureses being broken moving Forward! More Meditation, More Talking , Teaching and Listening! Even, more Awarness workshops + Popups about Wellness and self Care

What is one self care ritual/habit that you feel has been apart of your family? *

Beach Day /Trips Family Reunion

How are you able to implement self-care into your lifestyle and what’s your favorite type of self-care? *

My Favorite type of self care is Dancing Freeing up myself and Holding a Medi

What is one thing that you wish to share with other millennials of the Caribbean? *

Knowledge is Power never Stop learning , The sky is the Limit as my grandma would say! Believe in yuhself and yuh Dreams even if nuh body nah believe and Be the change you wish to see in the World

Where can people find you on social? *

@chinksol @sixtwentyoneswim

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Chink Sol