In Caribbean Wellness Series: Michaela Braithwaite

Creator of Orchid Brooklyn and Reiki practitioner, Michaela Brathwaite

Michaela is a fellow wellness enthusiast who I met with for her first ever Reiki session. She creates amazing soy cotton wicked candles and now offers Reiki healing. Learn more about her journey through wellness as a Caribbean Millennial.

Where are you located?

I’m located in Brooklyn, NY

What country you reppin’?

I’m reppin’ Saint Vincent & The Grenadines and Barbados

Now let’s get into more details on how your culture inspires you.

What inspires you most about your Caribbean Culture?

Black Woman playing with a dog

The delicious food, the music, the tradition

How do you feel wellness is approached when it comes to your Caribbean background?

I feel as though much of our tradition and healing practices have been lost,] when it comes to wellness. Illnesses such as diabetes are at an all time high in the Caribbean, when it shouldn't be, given the access people have to naturally grown foods and herbs.

What are some things you wish to see different as it pertains to wellness/self care for your cultural background?

Overall more emphasis on self care. Our parents come from a generation of hard workers where self care is an after thought, if ever.

What is one self care ritual/habit that you feel has been apart of your family?

Growing up, I remember my mom always emphasizing the importance of taking care of your appearance and being groomed. She always made sure my school uniforms were crisp. How you present yourself to the world, says a lot about how you value yourself, and it is definitely a component of self care.

How are you able to implement self-care into your lifestyle and what’s your favorite type of self-care?

Michaela Brathwaite of Orchid Brooklyn sitting and smiling

I have a few things I turn to for self care. Self care, to me, is allowing my body to rest when it's tired. It's taking care of my appearance. It's self healing Reiki sessions before bed. It's also a nice, warm epsom salt bath.

What is one thing that you wish to share with other millennials of the Caribbean?

We are the game-changing generation. It is up to us to not only restore our roots, but uphold them, especially those of us who were born in America. I might be a first generation American, but I was raised in a Caribbean household and my children will certainly know their Caribbean roots.

Where can people find you on social?

Instagram: @thisethereallife