Flex Menstrual Discs Review | The truth about Flex menstrual disc

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You know the part where you start your period at about age 11 and then you are introduced to all the brands of pads, then you journey into tampons. My time with many of these products have been pretty much trial and error until I found something that fit my life. Through learning more about improving my overall health I learned of the toxins that exist in a lot of the menstrual products we often use. I admit it was hard trying the new toxin free menstrual products and I would end up right back to where I started. Fast forward to the boom of menstrual panties, cups and discs and I wasn’t sure how to feel as tampons were never really my jam. I was super excited when I found the company Flex.

This could be your solution to easier periods:

Flex is period product company offering you healthy alternative that offer ease during your menstrual cycle. According to The Flex Company “they are on a mission to create body-positive, life-changing experiences through the products we make and the conversations we spark. Our vision is to reimagine and deliver life-changing period products everywhere”.

Okay, so I know you want to know how it was for me. I was so nervous to try this interesting, yet weird piece of plastic. The concept of using tampons was never my thing and the thought of a menstrual cup or disc just seemed super intimidating to me, along with it probably being super messy.

Well, let me just tell you!!! The Flex menstrual discs are the truth and super easy to use. It did take some time getting used to it but once you get the hang of it your in for a mess free, comfortable menstrual cycle. I am probably going to pair their menstrual cup with the discs during my cycle to see how it compares.

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My review of Flex menstrual discs:

Attempt #1: Pre-Menstrual Cycle | Pinched disc to insert, fail 👎🏾

Thoughts: Super Uncomfortable, will it work? I don’t even use tampons

Attempt #2: Day 2 First full day of Cycle | Play around with how I pinch should I fold in a different way, then I just decided to pinch

Thoughts: Easier Insertion, some leakage, but overall sort of comfortable. Love the idea of release of menstrual fluids during bathroom breaks. Removal was super messy, but I guess I’ll try again tomorrow

Attempt #3: Day 3 of Menstrual Cycle | Easier Insertion, think I even got in the right positioning this time around. 

Thoughts: Okay, I could get used to this, not bad at all.

Attempt #4: Day 4 of Menstrual Cycle | Uncomfortable as my cycle was winding down

Thoughts: Will probably have to use the disc on my heavier days and non-toxic pads on the others. Will try it out for next cycle and see how I improve use.

What I love about Flex menstrual discs:

  • Lots of information, pamphlets and videos on best practices for insertion 🔖

  • 12 Hour wear, with a release of menstrual blood while using the bathroom ⏲

  • More comfortable than a tampon, and smaller size than one ✔️

  • It seems to actually lessen your cramps 🙌🏾

I should note that the Flex Company does share that it shouldn’t necessarily leak but, with my bathroom use I found that it released some of the menstrual blood. I found this to be quick comforting to know that all the blood was not just collecting in there to (in my mind) overflow.

I would definitely recommend Flex Discs, but know that there will be some trial and error involved. Once you get the hang of it you’ll be smooth cycling. Interested in learning more about the Flex Company for yourself head over to The Flex Company, oh and you can get 40% off your trial—> HERE.

If you haven’t heard FLEX Menstrual Discs and cups are also available in Target!! 🎉 So head to your local Target to check if they are there, only thing is you wont get that 40% off your trial. 🤷🏾‍♀️


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