Gift of meditation and tea to make your life more blissful

It is often recommended that in order to achieve inner peace, clarity or the likes, meditation should be present. For many people the journey to and through a meditation practice can be hard and stressful in itself. You can create a practice that feels good for you, it doesn’t have to be a hard task. Your meditation practice should involve anything that brings more joy and bliss in your life.

hot cocoa, amethyst crystal, palo santo and a candle for self care

How to create a simple and doable mindful practice:

  1. Drink tea as meditative action: Navigate all your options of tea blends or tastes and allow yourself to be guided to what your body needs in that moment. Once you come to the tea of choice, place your water to boil and take in all the sounds and processes that it goes through in order to be poured onto your herbs or tea bag. Pour boiled water over blend and witness the colors that appear once they infuse together. Sit, wait, drink, and notice the taste as you drink it and how you respond to it. Notice your body, your thoughts, etc. Be in that moment of consuming that tea.

  2. Sit in a Quiet Space: Find a spot that feels like a quiet for you, this may be an empty park, train car, in your room, etc. No need to close your eyes or follow your breathing just yet, but experience what occurs in the now. Take time to experience the moments as they arise and go by. Be a witness to the bliss that exists in that space you are in, and be grateful for what it has to offer.

To create space for meditation it should be an experience. Yes, it might be more effective to sit in silence follow the breathe and not experience any distractions at all, but I challenge you to start exactly where you are.

What part of your life will you turn into a meditative practice?

Racheal DComment