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Q 1: Group Guided Meditation

free guided meditation workshop for millennial women of color

Winter is the time, we bare our leaves and are left to uncover and discover the parts of us we covered up during the warmer seasons. To be honest it’s also the time of year when you’re bombarded with all the things. Holidays things, new year things, everything. Not to mention doing all the things for everyone else and forgetting to nurture you. 

As a way to support you through the time of shedding and introspection I want to offer you the opportunity to be the same you, at peace with the journey and not feeling pressured by all the gimmick telling you this and that. It ain’t the new year, new you vibes. It’s just you living in each of those moments of shedding and introspection. I know that it gets hard, you know growing pains.

So I have decided to offer an intimate group guided meditation. I want you to feel supported, heard, uplifted and provided with the guidance you’ll need to navigate this time of outer silence and inner chatter.

I’m providing you the opportunity to join a small group of amazing humans to be guided through meditation virtually(yup, you can experience this from anywhere in the world). We’re spending 6 weeks to help you sift through your inner chatter with ease. Best part is you have the option of dropping in to a session over the weeks or you can opt for the full package.. 

6 Week Guided Meditation

Join an intimate group for 6 weekly guided meditations beginning January 2nd, 2019. During this 6 weeks I will be supporting you in your journey wherever you are. You can opt in for the full 6 weeks or drop in when you need it(although, I’m positive the 6 weeks would have a better outcome). We’ll meet virtually(by phone) every Wednesday 7:00pm EST., with no judgement, to decompress from your week, to eliminate the overwhelm and truly flourish in your being this year. Oh, by the way I decided to offer this for FREE for the beginning of the year as a gift to you, so sign up below. *Limited spots available*

Later Event: April 1
Q 2: Group Guided Meditation