Flourish Vibes Journey
wellness coach and client during session

What is the Flourish Vibes Journey?

It is a journey for you to stop putting yourself last and get back into a space of self-nurtured well-being and growth.

I’ll help you go from being overwhelmed with all the self-care options to having a customized roadmap for your wellness journey through a series of interactive 1:1 sessions focused on 3 pillars.


What do I get when I invest in a Flourish Vibes Journey?

The key thing you receive with Flourish Vibes Journey’s is support. Trying to figure out where to go and which self care practices make sense for your lifestyle is hard. I want to make it easy for you!

There are two types of packages to choose from, whether your ready to deep dive into or you want to wade in the water of your Flourish Vibes Journey, I got you!


REady to FLOURISH for Real?

With this package you’ll get six (6) bi-weekly sessions at a fraction of the cost.

You have the freedom to navigate your well-being and leave room for any last minute shifts that are common in self care.

BONUS: You’ll also get additional accountability with text check-ins.


Not sure you’re ready to commit to three (3) months?

No need to worry! You have the option of a one month Flourish Vibes Journey.

Receive two (2) sessions over a month to get to those self care goals


Here’s how past clients have Flourished..