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Your’e constantly feeling overwhelmed by trying to figure out how to incorporate more self-care into your life and not to mention all the tips and tricks out their to incorporate. It can be confusing and intimidating to shuffle through all the wellness noise trying to figure out which one will fit your lifestyle and what will even work for you.

Here’s how we can help you:

Together we’ll work on a wellness plan of action tailored specifically to you. You won’t have to worry about feeling overwhelmed by the “this is what you have to do; one size fits all” to achieve your goal. Throughout the process of creating the shift you want to see you will get the accountability and support you need. You’ll learn how to be okay with the process and not feel intimated by everyone else and their wellness.

You'll uncover your own flow for wellness improvements by tuning in to all the areas of your own life.

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What You’ll Get:

  • 45 minute coaching sessions

  • Clarity + feeling of balance

    Ready to take your well-being to the next level?

Meet Your Support System

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As a Professional Certified Wellness Coach, my #1 goal is to create a wellness plan that works for you, giving you support without the judgement and not trying to force you to do anything. Growing up in a Jamaican household I know the struggles of the millennial Caribbean diaspora, busting your ass to succeed because you can’t afford to fail at anything, negative self talk, not taking care of yourself first and the list can go on. This is why I want to help you reconnect to the power you been hiding and provide the tools to live you life feeling great in mind, body and spirit.


Pure Vibes package

is for you if you’re:

  • A Millennial Women of Color

  • Ready to up your wellness game

  • Tired of trying wellness techniques and tools that aren’t working

  • Stressed from doing for others

  • Wanting to get better at incorporating more self care


It isn‘t for You If You:

  • Aren’t ready to take the steps necessary to live your best life

  • Don’t have an interest to exploring your full wellness potential

  • Aren’t interested in wellness techniques

  • Don’t have the drive to be held accountable


What Past Clients Experienced..

How Do I get my Pure Vibes Package?

Sessions take place virtually over a period of 12 weeks. You’ll book the times that work best for your schedule, as well as have access to the support and accountability you need from your certified wellness coach. So no worries you get everything you need delivered right to you, on your time, in the place you’re most comfortable.



What exactly does a wellness coach do?

The role of a professional certified wellness coach is to be of support to you as discussed throughout the length of your sessions/package. They are also their to be your accountability person, cheerleader and overall listening ear.

What is a professional certified wellness coach?

A professional certified wellness coach is someone who has the required training and extensive coursework to help people create the shifts they desire to create lasting change. They understand the importance of the mind, body, spirit connection and methods for holding their clients accountable without judgement and/or shame.

How does a wellness coaching differ from counseling or therapy?

A licensed counselor or therapist is an expert who can prescribe medical treatment. When working with a wellness coach YOU are the expert, with the support and accountability of a wellness coach.

What can I work on with a wellness coach?

You have the ability to focus on any area of your life as it pertains to health, career, finances, spirituality, relationships and/or play. You are in control of what you need to work on when working through sessions.